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Green Bay Packers Football – Latest News, Live Stream, Game Info

The Green Bay Packers are an American professional football team. It is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin area. This team is from the National Football Conference (NFC) North division and compete member club of the National Football League. It also doubles up as a member of the North Division of the National Football Conference league.

green bay packers

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 times national football championships which is the record of the most in NFL football league. The super bowl trophy, Vince Lombardi Trophy is named after the Green Bay’s coach Vince Lombardi, who guided the Packers to victories in the first two Super Bowl games.

On the whole, the team ranks position three in terms of the entire duration of, On the whole, the team ranks position three in terms of the entire length of the franchise. It claims this position by virtue of having been founded in 1919.

It is also the only-not-for-profit and locally-owned major league professional team in the whole of the United States of America. It has hosted all its home games at the Lambeau Field from 1957 until now. It has also played more games in its home city than any other side in the entire league.

If you want to know more about the Green Bay Packers football.

The Green Bay Packers founded in August 11, 1919.
Packers season start in 1919.
Team main office: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Green Bay Packers colors: Dark green, gold, white
Fight song: “Go! You Packers Go!”
Owner: Green Bay Packers, Inc. (360,760 stockholders–governed by a Board of Directors)[4]
Chairman: Mark H. Murphy
CEO: Mark H. Murphy
President: Mark H. Murphy
General manager: Brian Gutekunst
Packers head coach: Mike McCarthy
Green Bay’s nicknames: Indian Packers, Blues, Big Bay Blues, Bays, The Pack, The Green and Gold.
Super Bowl winners: 1996 (XXXI), 2010 (XLV)
Official website:

What is the mascot of the Green Bay Packers?

There are no mascot for the Green Bay Packers.

How to listen Packers football game on Radio network.

If you want to listen Packers, you can tune in official Packers Radio Network.

How to watch Green Bay Packers football live stream free online.

The Packers fans can watch Green Bay Packers football live stream free online on

Basic History

The team was established on August 11, 1919, by two previous high-school football rivals Mr. Earl “Curly” Lambeau and Mr. George Whitney Calhoun. The former lobbied for funds for the team’s uniforms from his employer, the Indian Packing Company. The employer gave him $500 (around $7,100 when adjusted for inflation) for uniforms and team equipment. This was premised on The condition that team was named for the sponsor.

Community Ownership

This team also stands out of the others in the National Football League. It is the only side that is communally owned. As of 2014, around 360,584 stockholders jointly owned it. No one stockholder is allowed by law to purchase more than 250,000 shares (roughly 4% of the 5,011,557 shares). This broad-based community support structure is largely credited for its longevity. It is what has enabled it to exist for one century despite its small market share and fan base.

Can I buy stock in Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay is not currently selling shares, but you can buy shares from an existing shareholder who is willing to sell.

Fan Base

Even though its fan base is small, it is very loyal indeed. All the tickets it sells have always been exhausted. The team’s tickets have some of the longest season waiting lists in the whole of the sporting tournament. In total, well over 86,000 persons have bought extra tickets at any one time. This number is way more than the number of seats in its home stadium combined. It also has one of the longest average wait duration of around 30 years.

Green Bay Packers football preview

A two-time NFL MVP QB Aaron Rodgers made four-year extension with the Packers, $134 million extension could be worth up to $180 million. Last NFL season, we saw the Packers did not make the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons because of Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone in the sixth game and playoff berths come to an end with a 7-9 thud. This is why the Packers hoping a healthy Aaron Rodgers can lead them back to the playoffs again.

The Green Bay Packers also have some new players on the roster, Jimmy Graham who led all NFL tight ends in touchdowns last season with 10, Muhammad Wilkerson recorded 12 sacks in 2015 and Tramon Williams had a productive season with the Cardinals.

Coach Mike McCarthy said on the press “We know what our goal is, it’s stated, but And then when we make mistakes, just go back and learn from it.”

How far the Green Bay Packers can go this NFL season

If the Packers Barring another major injury to Rodgers, these Packers will be able to compete with the NFC’s best. Now Green Bay Packers hoping need to keep Rodgers upright and healthy for a full season again and will be a threat in the NFC.  But the Packers defense is too weak and need to improve it.

How to Stream Today NFL League Games on iPhone & iPad

nfl stream on iphone ipad

How to Stream Today NFL Games Live on iPhone & iPad

If you want watch 49th modern-era National Football League (NFL) live streaming directly from your iPhone and iPad for all NFC & AFC conference you have to download the Yahoo Sports app from the App Store and enable location services it doesn’t matter what mobile network you’re on.

It is essential for an individual to have an insight of the websites and channels to use to stream the NFL games live. The iPhone and iPad streaming ensure that you catch the live football games without having to use a cable TV. The streaming using the portable devices makes it possible for one to continue with the daily operation and catch the game at the same time. Sometimes the games may come when you are at work where you cannot access a cable TV thus making iPhone and iPad streaming an excellent option to watch the game. The live games for your favorite teams make it possible for one to follow and enjoy the action at any place. Apple Inc. focuses on ensuring that the iOS is compatible with different applications for customer satisfaction. The following are the ways you can watch live NFL games using iPhone and iPad devices.

NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday ticket is the most reliable way to watch the football games live. The subscription allows an individual use iPhone and iPad to stream the live action for an increased viewing in the region. It is essential to enhance the game streaming services to increase the number of people willing and able to catch the live NFL football. The DirecTV subscription offers the NFL Sunday which is ideal for watching the different games of your favorite team. The subscription for the ticket is $49.99 with the subscribers able to watch different games using their iPads and iPhones. The DirecTV is the company that offers the NFL Sunday option which is meant to increase the number of fans streaming the action. The different subscription makes it possible for one to upgrade or downgrade the subscription package.

NFL Mobile

The NFL has come up with an application that permits fans to stream the football games using the Verizon network. It is essential for you to have the NFL application and be a subscriber of Verizon network to stream the games. The Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday Night can be streamed using the NFL mobile app. The application has increased the number of Verizon subscribers who can watch the live games using their iPhones and iPads devices. The NFL mobile application is compatible with all models of iPhones and iPads to enhance the streaming experience for the football fans. Verizon has 130 million subscribers who can stream the game using the NFL Mobile.

Can you stream NFL live on Apple TV?

You stream NFL live on Apple TV who have a Game Pass subscription can watch on-demand NFL games. Apple TV already has access to stream NFL live aired on ESPN’s family of networks through the WatchESPN app.

What does Apple TV cost?

Apple TV subscription of $30 – $40 per month. 32GB model has priced at $149, 64GB model at $199. Amazon Prime Video streaming app is now available for Apple TV.

How to download Yahoo apps on the Apple TV

Launch the Yahoo App Store app from your Home screen.
Make sure you’re on the Featured tab.
Navigate to an app you want to download.
Click on the app icon.
Click on Get for free (or free with in-app purchase) apps, or the price for paid apps.

How to Stream Today NFL Games Live

NBC Sport App

NBC television network has partnered with the NFL to broadcast games to the fans. You are required to have a cable network that supports NBC to sign up for the service. After signing up, you can use the iPhone and iPad to watch the different games available on the market. The television network is dedicated on showing the NFL games to a large number of fans. The application provides a full schedule which makes it easy to track the live games shown by the NBC Sports channel. NBC channel has the rights to broadcast the Sunday Night NFL football games.

Can you watch NFL streaming on CBS app?

You can watch Thursday Night Football, pregame and halftime coverage live on CBS All Access platforms, Thursday Night Football on CBS including on tablets via the CBS App for iOS, Xbox One and Xbox, Android and Windows 10 and more.

Can I watch NFL Postseason & Super Bowl 2019 on iPhone & iPad

Yes, you can watch NFL Postseason games, NFL playoffs & Super Bowl 2019 games live stream on iPhone & iPad.

Fox Sports Go app

FOX is a sports channel which is dedicated to offering quality NFL football streaming services to the fans. The Fox app provides the fans with the needed details to watch the Sunday day games. The Fox Sports Go application is compatible with the iPhone and iPad mobile devices to enhance the NFL live streaming. You are required to sign in using a cable service to make the subscription available on your iPhone and iPad. The cable or satellite subscriptions are essential for the application to be supported by your iPhone or iPad.

Is Fox Sports Go app free?

FOX Sports GO is free to download. FOX NOW is the free app for the Android, FOX Network on demand from Twitter and Facebook and sync your FOX with your TV.

Over-the-Air Antenna

The antenna is a low tech solution to stream the NFL football games as it covers a specific local area. The NFL football games are provided for free after purchasing the antennas which cost $30 to $150. The antenna is placed on the rooftop to capture the signals needed for game streaming. It works in a limited area where there is a strong signal. The over the air antenna can capture the signals for the local network which are showing the NFL football games. You are required to consider other options for the games which are not broadcasted by the local channels.


Amazon agreed on a deal with the NFL of $65 million to stream 10 of the Thursday night football games. The deal is meant to increase the number of clients willing to use Amazon to stream the available games. The prime clients are the only one considered by Amazon for streaming the NFL games. Prime subscribers of Amazon globally can enjoy the live NFL games which increase the number of viewers. The channels used by Amazon to facilitate the Thursday night streaming are NBC, CBS and NFL network.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is a reliable service as it streams all the available football matches at a subscription of $99.99. The game pass makes the fan to access the NFL network to stream the different games in the network. You can catch the action using iPhone and iPad for an improved entertainment level. The demerit of using the Game Pass subscription is watching the game after the final whistle. The live streaming is not allowed to subscribers using the Game Pass unless you have a cable subscription. To catch the NFL football live using Game Pass you are required to use VPN to change the IP address of your iPhone and iPad to a foreign nation such as the UK.

Live Stream Tennessee Titans Football Game, Latest News & More

The Tennessee Titans are a professional American football team. The Titans team was formed back in 1960, but during this period they were known as Houston Oilers. As of today the Tennessee Titans play in the National Football League (NFL) cum American Football Conference (AFC) in its south division. Back then when the team was known as Houston Oilers their official logo was an imitation of an oil rig, but as of today they have a flaming T logo in between three stars, that resemble those found on the Tennessee flag.

tennessee titans

The Tennessee Titans as custom to every team have three major uniforms as per current date. Titans blue being their defining color accompanied by white pants. The other two alternate colors are a white shirt and navy blue pants or an all light blue shirt and short.

You need to know more about Tennessee Titans football

The Tennessee Titans founded in August 3, 1959
Opening season: 1960
Titans home ground: Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee
The Headquarter: Saint Thomas Sports Park, Nashville, Tennessee
The Titans team colors: Navy, Titans blue, red, silver, white
Mascot: T-Rac
Owner: KSA Industries
Chairman: Susie Adams Smith, Amy Adams Strunk
CEO: Steve Underwood
Conference: American Football Conference (AFC) South division.
President: Steve Underwood
General manager: Jon Robinson
Head coach: Mike Vrabel
Official website:

Who is the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans today?

The Tennessee Titans starting QBs and backup QBs are Matt Cassel, Marcus Mariota, Tyler Ferguson, and Alex Tanney.

How many Super Bowls have the Titans won?

The Titans made the Super Bowl XXXIV and lose against the St. Louis Rams.

The Tennessee Titans have played hosts to several stadiums since back in the day such as the Liberty bowl memorial stadium in Memphis, then to the Vanderbilt stadium in Nashville and on to their current stadium the Nissan stadium still in Nashville Tennessee. But in the short stint when the Tennessee Titans played in the Vanderbilt stadium they were known as the Tennessee Oilers the year being 1998.Thier current training ground is a 31 acre piece of land in Nashville Known as the Saint Thomas Sports park.

The Tennessee Team is now currently owned by KSA industries. Under the chairmanship of both Susie and Amy Adams. The Titans are under the leadership of Steve Underwood who is both President and CEO .The general manager is Jon Robinson while the head coach is Mike Vrabel. The Tennessee Titans have won a variety of championships .Back before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 they won the trophy in the year 1960 and 1961. After the merger they won the American football conference cup (AFC) in 1999. There after they have won a variety of AFC divisional championships, the latest one being AFC south divisional championship in 2008.The titan’s main rivals include Jacksonville Cougars and Houston Texans.

The Tennessee Titans team preview

The Tennessee Titans, who finished 9–7 in 2017 and currently have 90 players on the team’s roster. Rookie QB Robert Griffin, Morgan, Finch, safety Kendrick Lewis, receiver Nick Williams and running back Akrum Wadley trying hard to to do better because the wide receivers don’t have enough speed to generate chunk yardage on their own.

Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan and Adoree’ Jackson gives Titans the NFL’s best cornerbacking trio. The Titans have one of football’s best blitzing linebacker, 32-year-old Wesley Woodyard. they have the No. 5 overall pick Corey Davis is Tennessee’s most important offensive player. Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur teaching quarterback Marcus Mariota because he wasn’t thriving in head coach Mike Mularkey. Henry is a methodically strong runner, while Lewis is an extremely refined one and Right tackle Jack Conklin.

How to listen Tennessee Titans on Radio network.

To listen the Tennessee Titans football on Radio you can visit

How to watch Tennessee Titans live TV Streaming

Here’s how to watch the Titans football game live stream free online only on

Los Angeles Chargers Football Game Preview, Live Stream, Radio and More

los angeles chargers

Currently playing in the national football league, the Los Angeles Chargers are termed as a professional team. Since its establishment in August 14, 1959, they have gone through different a transformation which includes changing its name. For instance, they played a single season while in Los Angles in 1960 then moved to San Diego in 1961. Here they changed their name to San Diego Chargers. They returned to Los Angeles last year up to date and already changed their name to Los Angeles Chargers.

During its founded in 1959, there were other seven teams which were formed too. After one year, the Chargers joined the AFL play. They liked playing at Rose Bowl but later they acquired a lease to play at Los Angeles Coliseum.

You need to know everything about the Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers is founded in August 14, 1959
The opening season: 1960
Los Angeles Chargers home ground StubHub Center, Carson, California
Headquarter: Costa Mesa, California
Team colors: Navy blue, powder blue, white, gold
Owner: Alex Spanos
Team Chairman: Dean Spanos
General manager: Tom Telesco
Head coach: Anthony Lynn
The Chargers nicknames: The Bolts
Official website:

The uniform was unveiled by Conrad Hilton and Barron Hilton. The jersey had some gold and blue color combined with lightning bolts that were printed on the sides of the trousers and helmets. The lunching was done at Hilton’s residence in Santa Monica where several attended a cocktail party. Later on, the uniform was modeled by Ron Mix and Jack Kemp. During their opening game, they won against the Dallas Texans 21–20. That was amazing because it happened in front of 17,724 fans who attended the match in L.A. Coliseum. The games were nice and the Chargers kept on playing and winning. At the end of 1961, they relocated to San Diego.

The Chargers in San Diego

After playing one season in L.A. Barron Hilton relocated the team to new Balboa stadium which is located at Balboa Park. They played in this field until 1966. In 1967, they moved to the San Diego Stadium which was newly constructed. They played all their home games in this field until 2016. Later in 2017, they relocated again to Los Angeles where they are up to now. Since the team was launched, it has grown step by step to the most liked team in American football.

Where to Los Angeles Chargers live air.

Want to watch the Los Angeles Chargers live action? Don’t worry, has you covered. will rebroadcast all the Chargers game any time anywhere you are. Download your free seven-day trial here.

The Chargers game on Mobile.

The Chargers fans can download the games iPhone, iPad and Android app for FREE.

How to listen Chargers radio broadcasts.

Chargers fans can listen radio on 101.5 MHz KGB-FM, KLSD-AM (San Diego), KNWZ-AM (Palm Springs), KRAK-AM (Victorville), KALZ-AM (Fresno), KBFP-AM (Bakersfield), KATY-FM (San Bernardino), KNWH-FM (Yucca Valley) and KRLV-FM (Las Vegas).

Los Angeles Chargers Social Media

For Chargers game live action updates, photos, video and other highlights and content and follow along using the hashtag #LAC on Twitter.

Chicago Bears Football Bear Down Live Stream & Update News

chicago bears

The Chicago Bears are a one of the NFL’s professional football team located in Halas Hall, Lake Forest, Chicago, Illinois. When it comes to football, people mainly think about the present status of each of the teams, uniforms, mascots and future of each team, as well as their hopes and dreams for the team, or teams, they have a strong affinity towards. While some fans do remember past games, they rarely think about the origins and beginnings of any of those teams.

Bear Down

Rookie linebacker Roquan Smith has a problem, because of tightness in his left hamstring. Matt Nagy, Javon Wims will play as a roster for the Chicago Bears to changing the culture. Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy said he loves underdogs when addressing WR Kevin White’s first touchdown of his career.

Everything you need to know more about the Chicago Bears football.

The Chicago Bears first season: 1920
The team established in September 17, 1920
Bears home ground: Soldier Field,Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Bears headquarter in Halas Hall, Lake Forest, Illinois.
Bears colors: Navy blue, burnt orange and white.
Team song: “Bear Down, Chicago Bears”
Mascot: Staley Da Bear
Owner: Virginia Halas McCaskey
Chairman: George McCaskey
President: Ted Phillips
General manager: Ryan Pace
Head coach: Matt Nagy
Team nicknames: Da Bears, The Monsters of the Midway
Super Bowl championships: The Chicago Bears win super bowl in 1985 (XX).
Official website:

How can I listen Chicago Bears football Radio.

Chicago Bears Network Radio affiliates WBBM (780 AM)/WCFS-FM (105.9 FM), WRTO (1200 AM) / WVIV-FM (93.5 FM), WSCR (670 AM).

How much are tickets for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears average price of season tickets will be $108.44 per ticket.


In Decatur, Illinois in 1920, 180 miles south of Chicago, the Chicago Bears were founded. They are one of only two franchises from the founding of the NFL remaining, with the other being the Arizona Cardinals. However,their logo was not introduced until 30 years later in the early 1950s, which was a bear on a baseball, but the ‘C’ logo was first introduced in 1962.


The Chicago Bears has a number of records associated with them, such as the most consecutive games played by a Bear team member, the largest margin of victory in a game and a coach who holds the record for coaching the most seasons and having the most career victories. Steve McMichael holds the most games played by a team member at an astonishing 191 games. The largest margin of victory in a game was with the Washington Redskins where the Bears won 73-0. George Halas, one of the former owners, coached 40 seasons and had 324 career victories.


Since the team is nearly 100 years old, it is only natural that they were bound to pick up a few rivals. The Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are their divisional rivals, which mean they are in the same division. Their other rivals are the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and New York Giants. A historic rival of theirs, with the Arizona Cardinals, existed when they were both in the same city.

Regardless of how fans now view the team, it’s long enduring history makes it surprising that there aren’t more fans, or that it is not as often talked about as the other teams.

Carolina Panthers Football: Update News, Game Info, Live Stream

panthers football

The Carolina Panthers are a professional team playing in the National Football League based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are part of the National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The team’s home ground is the Bank of America Stadium located in uptown Charlotte, which is also, where the team is headquartered. Carolina Panthers became the NFL’s 29th franchise in 1993 and started playing in 1995 showing up a high performance in the first two years.

Since 1996, the Carolina Panthers have taken home a total of six division championships and appeared in eight playoffs. The team enjoys support from both North Carolina and South Carolina. Fan atmosphere in regards to the Carolina Panthers is one of the best in the NFL. Since 2002 to date, attendance of Panthers’ home games has been a sellout and in the top ten as from 2006 until now.

Regarding rivalry, the Carolina Panthers has three fierce rivals from the NFC South Division. These other sides include New Orleans Saints, Tampa Buccaneers, and the Atlanta Falcons. Since inception, the Panthers have come up against the Atlanta Falcons at least twice a year. Games between the two usually see large numbers of fans of the visiting team to cheer on their respective sides making an excellent geographical rivalry. Tampa vs. the Panthers represents the most intense rivalry in the NFC South – having started from heated verbal battles between fans and players alike in 2002.

When it comes to records, Carolina Panthers are the only team in the NFC South Division to have ever won back-to-back division championship. They achieved this record in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Having won the division championship six times, the Panthers also finished as runners-up six times in their division. Despite being in the National Football League for over two decades, the Carolina Panthers are yet to win the league championship.

The Carolina Panthers football team will look to qualify for the 2019 playoffs this year by taking advantage of both offensive 2015 MVP Cam Newton, linebacker Luke Kuechly, defensive returners and newcomers. The Panthers have: Quarterbacks: Cam Newton, Garrett Gilbert, Taylor Heinicke, Running backs: Christian McCaffrey, C.J. Anderson (will have a role as the replacement for Jonathan Stewart), Cameron Artis-Payne, Wide receivers: Devin Funchess, Torrey Smith, D.J. Moore, Tight ends, Greg Olsen, Chris Manhertz.

The Panthers could go a long way with Kuechly and Newton’s combinations.

The Carolina Panthers are coming off an 11-5 season and looking for their fifth playoff appearance in six years with one of the best MVP quarterback Cam Newton have and middle linebacker Luke Kuechly but they don’t have able to win the NFC South in either of the past two seasons go beyond the New Orleans Saints.

The Panthers have replaces Mike Shula to offensive coordinator Norv Turner and Cam Newton are trying to change the team to the Panthers fans. Panthers have two-time Super Bowl champion wide receiver Torrey Smith, and D.J. Moore No. 1 draft picked by the Carolina.

“Moore and Running backs Christian McCaffrey is notable for how well they run after the catch” said Panthers general manager Marty Hurney, “because of running back Jonathan Stewart was released.”

After a big survive form a foot injury Greg Olsen missed most of last season. In May 2018 the Panthers have signed C.J. Anderson and Bronco to make nice complement to the McCaffrey.

Panthers Definse need to great here.

There are some problems with the Panthers deffense, linebacker Thomas Davis is suffering due to an NFL suspension for the first four games of the season. The Panthers have middle linebacker Luke Kuechly may be in the best in the league and also have Shaq Thompson and David Mayo. 38-year-old Julius Peppers, Mario Addison and Kawann Short are one of the most effective defensive tackles in the NFL.

You need to know more about Carolina Panthers football.

The Carolina Panthers league started October 26, 1993; 24 years ago.
The First NFL season: 1995
The Carolina Panthers headquarter at Bank of America Stadium,
Charlotte, North Carolina.
Panthers Team colors: Black, Panther blue, silver
Mascot: Sir Purr
Team Owner: David Tepper
President: Vacant
Team manager: Marty Hurney
Head coach: Ron Rivera
Official website:

Panthers Specialists

Graham Gano who made 29-of-30 field goal attempts in 2017 and he earned one of the best statistical seasons in franchise history signed another contract extension in the offseason.
Drew Brees and Matt Ryan.

Why are the Carolina Panthers called the Panthers?

The owner Jerry Richardson picked Panthers because he liked it and used Carolina rather than Charlotte.

The Carolina Panthers football team worth?

The Carolina Panthers estimated at a value of $2.3 billion.

The first quarterback for the Panthers?

In 1995 season Kerry Collins was the first quarterback for the Panthers.

What is Carolina Panthers Radio streaming network and how to listen?

Panthers Radio streaming Hosted by Jim Szoke begins three hours before kickoff on WBT 1110 AM/99.3 FM with the Panthers Stadium Show.

Tired from the hustle and bustle of life, fans want to sit down, relax, and watch Carolina Panthers football game season for 2018-19. They have different options to watch the Panthers football games without cable TV and few of these options are as follows.

Denver Broncos Football Game Update News Live Stream

One of the professional American football best clubs is the Denver Broncos. It is based in Denver Colorado and the team is among the best competitors of the National Football League NFL titles. The club is also a member of the American Football Conference of the west division. Founded on August 14, 1959, the team started to play as a charter member of AFL in 1960. They later joined NFL in 1970 as a result of the merger. Pat Bowlen trust is the owners of the club and their current home playground is at Broncos Stadium based at Mile High. The team previously played at Mile High Stadium since the year 1960 to the year 2000.

denver broncos

Everything you need to know about the Denver Broncos football team.

The Denver Broncos established in August 14, 1959
Football season open: 1960
Denver Broncos Stadium: Mile High, Denver, Colorado
The Broncos headquarter at UCHealth Training Center in Dove Valley, Colorado
The Team colors: Orange, navy blue, white
Broncos Mascot: Thunder II (live horse), Miles (costume suit)
Owner: Pat Bowlen trust
CEO: Joe Ellis
President: Joe Ellis
General manager: John Elway
Head coach: Vance Joseph
The team’s nicknames: Orange Crush, No Fly Zone
Super Bowl championships: 3 times, 1997 (XXXII), 1998 (XXXIII), 2015 (50)
Official website:


Until the year 1973, the Broncos did not participate in any winning season. It was in the year 1977 that they were able to qualify for the first time in the NFL playoffs. It was in the same year that they were able to advance to the Super Bowl XII. Since then, the team has registered a successful record in the National Football League. They have registered eight AFC Championship wins and three Super Bowl wins in the years 1997, 1998 and 2015. However, they share five Super Bowl losses with New England Patriots which is the highest loss record to date. As part of their achievement, they have been able to produce six players, in Pro Football Hall of Fame.


The team has faced a huge number of rivalries since its foundation. First are the Kansas City Chiefs who holds a 61-55 series lead over the Denver. Oakland Raiders became a threat to the Broncos in the year 1977. This was the year the Broncos advanced to the Super Bowls by defeating the Raiders who were the defending champions. Currently, the Raiders hold a 63-52-2 series lead against the Broncos. The Los Angeles Chargers or the San Diego is another rival to the Broncos. However, in this case, the Broncos hold a winning record of 65-52-1. Other rivals include the Seattle Seahawks of the northwest Pacific region, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

How To Stream Broncos Game Live Free Online TV Network

If you want to watch the Denver Broncos football game live streaming free online with 7 day’s free trial, click the link.

Their jerseys color varies from orange to navy blue with the orange color as the primary home jersey.

Seattle Seahawks NFL Bulletin Live Streaming Football Games

seattle seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks generally refers to a professional American football franchise, with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks are one of the competitors in the National Football League. The club is a member of National Football Conference of the west division. It is fully owned by Paul Allen with Pete Carroll as their current coach. Their home playground is at Century link Field which was formerly known as Qwest field in the southern part of downtown Seattle.


Being the only NFL franchise based team from the northwest Pacific region Seahawks can enjoy great support from a large geographical area. For years, terms such as the 12th man, 12th fun, and 12s have been used when referring to this team. The clubs fans have for two months in the same year set the Guinness World record as the roundest crowd in Sep 15 and December 2 of 2013.


The Seahawks has produced noticeable players in the field such as Shaun Alexander, Brian Blades, Jacob Green, and Steve Hutchinson among others. They have been able to win 10 division titles as well as three conference championships. It is also the only club that has been able to participate in AFC and NFC championships. They have also participated three times in super bowls, losing twice to Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. They, however, defeated Denver Broncos 43-8 in 2013 Super Bowl XLVIII.

Everything you need to know more about Seattle Seahawks football.

The Seattle Seahawks established in June 4, 1974
The opening season: 1976
Seahawks home ground: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington.
The team Headquarter in the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Renton, Washington.
The team color: College navy, Action green, Wolf grey
Mascot: Blitz, Boom, Taima the Hawk (live Augur hawk)
Owner: Paul Allen
Chairman: Paul Allen
CEO: Peter McLoughlin
President: Peter McLoughlin
General manager: John Schneider
Head coach: Pete Carroll
Seattle Seahawks nicknames: The ‘Hawks, The Blue Wave, The Legion of Boom.
Official website:

How did Seattle Seahawks get their name?

After a public contest the Seattle Seahawks were officially named on June 17, 1975 and played their first game on September 12, 1976.

How to watch Seattle Seahawks football live streaming.

To watch Seattle Seahawks football live streaming you can visit

The Seattle Seahawks football Radio Network.

Seattle Seahawks Radio Network 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM.


There are three common rivalries to the Seahawks. They include the San Francisco 49ers that held a clean win record against Seattle in San Francisco from 2008 to 2013. However, in 2014 the Seahawks recorded a win of 19-3 against the 49ers on Thanksgiving day. Another Rival is the Carolina Panthers. In three NFL playoffs when the two teams have met, the Seahawks has won twice with the Panthers winning in one game. The other close rival is the Denver Broncos who posed a great threat to the Seattle from the year 1980s to 2002.

The team has been making different changes to where their logo appears on their clothes. It varies with the desires of their sponsors, and their clothing color changes from one game to the other.

Jacksonville Jaguars Football: The Jaguars Football Game Live Stream

jacksonville jaguars football

The Jacksonville Jaguars are an American football franchise, based in Jacksonville, Florida. They play in the National Football League and are a member of American Football Conference-South division. The Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers were expansion teams for National Football Conference. They started playing in the 1995 season. The Jaguars play their home games at TIAA Bank Field.

Since inception, the team has won 3 division championships and has qualified for playoffs 7 times. Forbes Magazine valued the team at $1.48 billion as at 2015. The majority owner from inception until 2011 was Wayne Weaver. The first head coach picked by Wayne Weaver in 1995 was Tom Coughlin who had worked in the NFL as a position coach. This move contrasted with many expansion teams at the time.

You need to know more about Jacksonville Jaguars football below

The Jacksonville Jaguars established in November 30, 1993; 24 years ago
Open season: 1995
The Jaguars home ground and headquartered at TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville, Florida
The Jaguars team colors: Black, teal, gold
Mascot Jaxson de Ville
Owner(s): Shahid Khan
President: Mark Lamping
General manager: David Caldwell
Head coach: Doug Marrone
Jacksonville Jaguars nicknames: Jags

How many jaguars are left in the world today?

There are now only around 15,000 jaguars left in the world!

After fielding a 4-12 record in the inaugural season, Jacksonville Jaguars went into playoffs the 4 next seasons with outstanding performance of quarterback Mark Brunell, offensive Tony Boselli, running back James Stewart and wide receiver Jimmy Smith. The Jaguars won their first division title in 1998 thereby fielding 14-2 record the following year which was the best in the season. In contrast, they registered NFL worst 2-14 record in 2012.

In August 2012, the Jaguars signed a deal to play one regular season home game every season from 2013 through 2016 in Wembley Stadium, London. The deal was later extended to 2020. This was part of NFL international series meant to build the team’s international appeal. Despite achieving this objective, the team registered the worst loss in 2016.

One of the most notable occurrences during the NFL International series in London happened in September 2017. In response to President Donald Trump’s remarks about NFL players who kneel, the Jaguars locked arms and kneeled when the national anthem played. Shahid Khan, the Pakistan-born owner, also participated in locking arms with the players. The Baltimore Ravens kneeled on the other side of the field. The Jaguars defeated the ravens, 44-7.

It is very disappointing to experience technical hitches while watching your favorite team play. Choosing the best means to catch the Jacksonville Jaguars Football games can give you flawless, uninterrupted entertainment just like you like it. Cable TV is one of the most convenient ways to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars play. You however, need to activate a subscription with one of the cable providers. Once you have an active subscription tuning in to either your local CBS, FOX or NBC will ensure that you get to enjoy the Jacksonville Jaguars football Livestream without any qualms.

How to listen radio station for the Jacksonville Jaguars football game on?

The Jaguars had affiliation with radio station WOKV 690 AM now they have a deal for their all games broadcast on WJXL 1010 AM and WGNE 99.9 FM.

Washington Redskins: What You Need To Know The Redskins Football?

The Washington Redskins were established in 1932, and have been around for eighty-six years. The team competes in the NFL as an NFC (National Football Conference) East Division member, and currently operates from the Washington Metropolitan area. Its training facility and headquarters are at the Redskins complex based in Richmond, Virginia, and the Inova Sports Performance Center based in Ashburn, Virginia respectively. All the team’s home games are played at the FedExField located in Landover, in Maryland.

washington redskins

Since inception, the Washington Redskins have played more than one thousand games. In addition, they are one out of five NFL franchises that have been able to record more than six hundred season and postseason wins. Since being founded, the redskins have won a total of five NFL championships (three super bowls and 2 pre-’66 merger announcement).

Everything you need to know more about Washington Redskins football.

The Washington Redskins established July 9, 1932
Team first season: 1932
The Redskins home ground: FedExField, Landover, Maryland
Washington Redskins Headquarter: Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park, Ashburn, Virginia.
Training camp: Richmond, Virginia
The Redskins team colors: Burgundy, gold
Fight song: Hail to the Redskins
Owner: Daniel Snyder
President: Bruce Allen
Head coach: Jay Gruden
Team nicknames: The Skins, Burgundy and Gold
Washington Redskins official website:

How many times Super Bowl championships winner.

The Washington Redskins are three times Super Bowl championships winner, 1982 (XVII), 1987 (XXII), 1991 (XXVI).

Are the Redskins from Washington state?

The Washington doesn’t actually refer to Washington state.

What are the Washington Redskins changing their name to?

The Redskins had agreed to change its name to the Washington Redhawks for the 2018 season.

How to connect Washington Redskins Radio Network?

ESPN Radio WTEM 980 AM, or LISTEN LIVE on the Redskins Official Mobile app

The Washington Redskins franchise has been able to capture a total of 6 NFL conference championships and 14 NFL divisional titles. The team has with time made history as being the first team in the NFL to have a fighting song, and an official marching band.

How to stream the Redskins Football live online.

The Redskins football live streaming only on

The Redskins attained all their titles within two-ten year spans. The first being the period between ’36 and’45 (this is when the franchise made it to the NFL championships a record six times, out of which it won two times). The second span was between ’82 and ’91 (it was a period where the team appeared in the postseasons at least seven times, and managed to win three super bowls and four conference titles).

At the end of the ’91 season, the Washington Redskins went on to post one of their worst performances ever by recording a 1-12-1 showing. From ’91, the franchise been able to make five postseasons wins and have managed to win the NFC at least three times.