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NFL – The National Football League Regular Season

The upcoming National football league season for 2019-20 is around the corner. Here you will find all the update news for nfl regular season and postseason games, playoff picture, standing, schedule and super bowl 2020.

The National Football league regular season in short the NFL regular season starts the weekend after Labor Day early September and end in early January. It has a total of 256 games, 32 teams, and 16 games and is played within 17 weeks. Each team is given off for a week. This one week of break gives the players an opportunity to relax.

nfl regular season

The first game takes place the night of Tuesday from 8:25 pm and several games take place on Sunday from 1:00 pm. Sometimes, it may take place in the afternoon from 4:05 Pm. There should be a night game on Sunday that kicks off from 8:30 pm each week apart from the beginning of the week. Two-night games are played on Monday, the second game held at West Coast. Additionally, some games are played on Saturday either afternoon or evening and sometimes Thanksgiving Day games. During the last week of the season, all games take place on Sunday.

Since 2006, NFL has contracted with broadcast companies. All Sunday games that take place in the afternoon are shown at Fox or CBS. These rights of television are costly but lucrative for any sport in America. Fox and CBS mostly air NFC and AFC games respectively. NBC and ESPN air Sunday and Monday night games respectively. Thursday night games are aired on NBC, NFL, and CBS.

NFL has a strict schedule of the algorithm to select team playing against each other each season. It is usually based on final standings in the league table from last season and current division alignments. This formula was used from 2002 when NFL expanded its membership. Six games are played against divisional components, twice per team, one away and another one at home. Four games played against teams from a single division in its conference, twice at home and twice away. Four games played against a team from a single division from another conference, twice at home and twice away. Two games played against teams from a separate division from another conference, once at home and one away game. Overall, teams that play against each other are based on previous season league standings. Once the formula has been set up, the experts plan on when and where the games will take place.

The scheduling formula is not predetermined regarding final dates and time until spring. The NFL requires a lot of time to coordinate the whole season. Apart from the primary goals, the league needs to consider secondary objectives such as reaching to conclusions of conflicts that arise during scheduling process ad chance of maximizing rating from broadcasting networks. From 2010, the final matchup of regular season games come out in last week before the start of the game to eliminate a case of playoff-bound teams or using the reserves players.

Traditionally in the 1920s, NFL had few memberships, and they had no set formula. They could sometimes play less than eight games and at most 16 games. Many of the teams came from colleges, independent professionals or amateurs’ teams. Since then, NFL expanded to 11 and 14 games every regular season basing on the number of teams. Between 1947 and 1960, NFL teams rise to 12 games each season. NFL follows steps of America Football League in 1960 by airing fourteen games each season, and it started officially in 1961.

In 1961, US Congress bans NFL from playing against college teams because college and football games mainly took place on Saturday and Friday. It allows NFL to sell all the existing rights of the postseason and regular season to broadcasting network. NFL evolves and currently has 32 teams with a well laid set formula each year.

Currently, many NFL regular season games take place outside the United States. In 2005, the first outside games took place in Mexico City. It was between San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. In October 2005, the club owners decided two games each season should be international starting from 2007. Miami Dolphins and New York Giants played against each other in Wembley Stadium in October 2007. Another game was between the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints that took place at the same stadium. The international schedule plan ensures that there is a rotating formula.

Each team is guaranteed to play twice in the 16-year rotating plan, one home team and one away team.

Many at times, the set schedule can be disrupted due to some reasons. The main reason is the disputes with other sports organizations and leagues. Since the start of NFL, they share various stadia with other leagues such as baseball teams. The Major League Baseball is usually given the top priority due to their leases.

Many times NFL games are given short notice requiring them to disqualify schedule when baseball teams go for a playoff. The disrupted teams will play on Monday or Sunday. The worst scenario took place in 1973 when the New York Jets were to play at Shea Stadium. It forces the team to play six games away from home. Lately, the problem has been resolved and the only stadium that appears a challenge is Oakland in Alameda County. The Act guiding sporting activities in the United States has warned NFL not to schedule their games the same day with high school or college games.

Labor disputes are another challenge that disrupts the NFL schedule. It occurred in 1982 and 1987. The labor dispute in 1982 lasted for 57 days. NFL games that were to take place in week 3 to week 10 were canceled. It forces club owners to add another nine weeks to compensate the same. It also forces NFL to use conference standings only in schedule matchups. 1987 strike lasted for 24 days but fortunately, one week was disrupted.

The NFL has made their schedule flexible for easy postponement or cancellations in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Several games have also been affected due to natural disasters. For instance, in 2005, Louisiana was damaged by the hurricane. The games were relocated to other places such as Giants Stadium, San Antonio, and Alamodome. Several issues usually come up disrupting the schedule. The scheduling process is challenging, but the NFL has offered fans and partners with entertaining and exciting games each week.

Patriots vs Dolphins: Preview, Start Time, Date, Live Stream, TV Channel

The Miami Dolphins is going to visit the New England Patriots with 3-0 lead at Gillette Stadium while Patriots are off to their worst offensive start in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era. The Miami Dolphins are look like a one of the balanced teams in the league through the first few weeks. Patriots vs Dolphins football game start on 1 p.m. ET

In a case study of the different methodologies of two of America’s favorite football teams, you’ll find how playing to your team’s strengths can mean the difference between victory, and defeat.

The New England Patriots are renown for their defensive plays, placing third across the country since 2010. Though not to go unnoticed, they placed 6.5 in their offensive plays. 2018, however, is showing very different capacities, and negative ones at that. For now, the New England Patriots rank 19th on offense with a starting point at the 27.2-yard line and just 26th on defense with the 31.0-yard line.

The Miami Dolphins, on the other hand, seem to be taking key advantage of this. This year, on offense, their average possession starts at the 35.4-yard line – best in the league. The Dolphin’s defense being at the 26.6-yard line is granting them 11th place after only three games. Speculation could, no doubt, go on forever as to why this is. However, a strong indication is their +4 turnover differential, which ranks the team second in the NFL.

Game: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins
Time and Date: Sunday, Sept. 30, 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET
Place: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA
TV Channel: KOIN-6, CBS
Watch online: You can watch Patriots vs Dolphins live stream of the football game on,, playstation vue, AppleTV, and SlingTV. or FuboTV (free trial).

So now the question is: is there a way for the New England Patriots to turn things around on Sunday? The answer, on paper, is reasonably likely. A substantial, first step, is making sure the Patriots don’t get beaten for the first time in a decade by the Dolphins on their own, home turf. If the Patriots go back to the familiar formula that is complementary football – and the favorable field position it tends to create, the Patriots could very well be on their way to their post-2010 numbers.

There are challenges to this approach, however. New England’s passing offense has not been in sync so far this year. With their wide receivers unable to consistently gain separation, and their over-reliance on Rob Gronkowski. History will sort out whether this is a simple streak of bad luck, or an indicator of poor performance for the months that follow.

In the end, with both team’s self-awareness, and strong histories, Sunday could be anyone’s match.

NFL Live Stream Free Online & How To Watch NFL Football

stream nfl

The stream NFL game has been the most convoluted broadcast channel that ever exists. It is split between ESPN, Amazon streaming, and it’s own network. It’s really hard to figure out how you can enjoy your favorite team without paying a dime. Luckily, there are many ways to watch your favorite NFL game, but the easiest and hassle-free way is to use a broadcast antenna. People often think that broadcast TV is a thing of the past, but it still exists in today’s modern day era. Broadcast quality has skyrocketed so you can enjoy your favorite shows and the NFL game in crystal clear HD quality. The great part is, all you have to do is to get an antenna to capture the excitement.

What NFL games can I watch with an antenna?

You can watch your local NBC, CBS, and any Fox-affiliated shows with a built in broadcast antenna. You can also check out the NFL schedule throughout the week to see which broadcaster that they are assigned to. Keep in mind that the schedules are constantly changing so you will have to keep track. The NFL game often includes Sunday games, three-afternoon games, and Sunday night football. Whichever you get is determined by how close you are to the broadcast station. For example, if you currently reside in Baltimore, but can only pick up the Philadelphia station, then you might get the Eagles game and not the Ravens game. However, if you get a high-quality and robust antenna, then it can capture a wider range signal so you can get both games.

Where is my local station broadcasting from?

If you use the digital Television guide that is published on the FCC website, you will be able to locate the where these stations are broadcasting from. All you have to do is enter your ZIP Code and you will get a general idea of which channels that you can receive and the strength of the signals.

How do I set up my antenna?

If you get a new antenna, then you should mount it on a wall or window that measures about a foot from the ceiling. Then you will hook up the cable and run it directly to your TV plug. Luckily, your antenna will come with a thorough instruction manual that you can use. Once you hook up your antenna, you can look through your TV menu and scan for a station. It will take a while to cycle through all the possible station to see which one you like.

Recording games

If you want to record the NFL games, you will need a Tivo bolt and Tablo DVR which will cost around $200. The Tivo can record four shows at once and the Tavlo DVR can be hooked up to your antenna and stream your broadcast station over the Internet. You will need a USB drive to get the DVR to function properly. Unfortunately, it can only record two shows at once. Another option is the Channel Master DVR which can cost around $249. If you add an external USB drive to it, you can record a full NFL game with no monthly fees.

Take home message

If you are obsessed with the NFL games, then I highly recommend that you invest in a broadcast antenna. With these antennas, you will be able to get access to all the games without breaking your piggy bank. If you want to get fancy, you can try to record the games with a Tablo DVR, Channel Master DVR, or Tivo bolt.

New England Patriots Schedule 2018 Kickoff Time, Date, TV Channel and Location

patriots schedule 2018

New England Patriots Schedule for 2018-19 NFL Regular Season

Here you will get the latest New England Patriots regular season schedule 2018 Kickoff time, date, TV Channel and location, preseason results, New England Patriots postseason games and Patriots playoff picture available full fixture available here. Get the updates fixture of New England Patriots football news, injury report, players, Patriots draft, time, date, location, TV channel, how to watch New England Patriots game free online and more.

New England Patriots preseason 2018 results, scores and location.

New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins W 26 – 17 Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles W 37 – 20 Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers L 14 – 25 Bank of America Stadium

New England Patriots at New York Giants W 17 – 12 MetLife Stadium

New England Patriots Regular Season Schedule 2018 Kickoff Time, Date, TV Channel and Location.

New England Patriots vs Houston Texans Sun, 9/9 1:00p ET (CBS) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars Sun, 9/16 4:25p ET (CBS) TIAA Bank Field

New England Patriots at Detroit Lions Sun, 9/23 8:20p ET (NBC) Ford Field

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Sun, 9/30 1:00p ET (CBS) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts Thu, 10/4 8:20p ET (FOX, NFLN) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs Kansas Sun, 10/14 8:20p ET (NBC) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots at Chicago Bears Sun, 10/21 1:00p ET (CBS) Soldier Field

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Mon, 10/29 8:15p ET (ESPN) New Era Field

New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers Sun, 11/4 8:20p ET (NBC) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Sun, 11/11 1:00p ET (CBS) Nissan Stadium

New England Patriots at New York Jets Sun, 11/25 1:00p ET (CBS) MetLife Stadium

New England Patriots vs Minnesota Vikings Sun, 12/2 4:25p ET (FOX) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sun, 12/9 1:00p ET (CBS) Hard Rock Stadium

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Sun, 12/16 4:25p ET (CBS) Heinz Field

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Sun, 12/23 1:00p ET (CBS) Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots vs New York Jets Sun, 12/30 1:00p ET (CBS) Gillette Stadium

National Football League (NFL)


The NFL is the top professional American major franchise football league in the world know by National Football League. The NFL has thirty-two equally distributed teams between the NFC and the AFC. It is among the significant four proficient leagues in North America. It has a regular season of 17 weeks which runs from early September to late December. Every team has to play 16 games. After the regular season has come to a stop, then six sides from every conference proceed on to the playoffs. Subsequently, the playoffs culminate to the Super Bowl which is held on the first Sunday of February which comprises of the winners of the NFC and AFC.

You need to know more about the National Football League 2018-19.

American football started in August 20, 1920; 97 years ago
Opening season: 1920
NFL Commissioner: Roger Goodell
National Football League teams: 32
Location: United States[A]
NFL Headquarter: New York City
Most titles Teams: Green Bay Packers (13 titles)
Official TV Channels: CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, Telemundo
Official website:


The football league came into being in the year 1920 as the (APFA) and later changed its name to the NFL in 1922. Later on, in 1966, they agreed to merge with the American Football League which resulted in the birth of the first Super Bowl. Currently, the NFL boasts of being the most attended sports event having an average of about 67,591. Super Bowl on itself accounts for being the most watched sporting event throughout the United States. In the history of the NFL, the team to scoop the most trophies was the Green Bay Packers with nine titles before the Super Bowl, and four after Super Bowl was born making a total of thirteen. With Pittsburgh Steelers taking the day with the most Super Bowl championships which totaled six.


The league consists of thirty-two units divided into two conferences. Every conference is made up of four groups of four clubs each. During the regular season period, each squad is allowed to have a maximum of 53 players 46 of whom will participate actively. For the unit to operate in its city, they are granted a franchise which acts as the league’s authorization. This franchise covers the team’s territory and their marketing area. Every team has exclusive rights which allow them to promote, advertise and hold events within its domain. However, there are several exceptions to this rule especially for squads close to each other or those that play in the same state.

Every squad is based in the US although the Jacksonville Jaguars play in Wembley Stadium as part of the international series. Mexico has also hosted some games like the one between San Francisco and Arizona Cardinals. Apart from this, they have also hosted some pre-season games which include 39 pre-season games as part of the American Bowl Series. As per the Forbes magazine, the Dallas Cowboys are considered to be the most valuable franchise valued at approximately US$4.8 billion which sets them as the most expensive sports squad in the whole world. Something to take note in is that all the thirty-two teams in this league are considered among the top 50 most valued top units globally.

Season format

The season kicks off with a four-week pre-season, a seventeen-week regular season in which each squad plays 16 games and a twelve group elimination playoff that leads to the Super Bowl.


It all begins with the pre-season which kicks off with the pro football hall of fame game typically played in the Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Every side is expected to plan four pre-season games 2 of which should be played at their respective stadium. Nonetheless, the groups that participate in the hall of fame game play a total of five pre-season games. These games are never given too much consideration as they don’t add to the total standings in the regular season. Players use this opportunity to showcase their talents to both their respective sides and others just in case they get cut.

Regular season

Presently, each opponent for every side is predetermined by a set formula. They have to play 256 games that run in a seventeen week period. Usually, the season has always begun on the first Monday of September till the week after Christmas. Often, the first game is generally played between the defending champions and the home team. League games are mostly held on Sundays as federal law prohibits professional football from competing against high school or college football.


Following the close of the regular season, a twelve-team single elimination tournament then commences which is also described as the playoffs. Winners from each of the four groups are selected as well as two other squads with the best overall record. Afterward, the playoffs are held. Six squads are selected from every conference and the winner of each of the four groups as well as two remaining teams with the best overall record. Typically the first two squads are awarded a bye week after which the rest of the remaining crews proceed to the first round of the playoffs. Winners then go on to the divisional round after which the champs then compete in the conference championships. To be able to get the league winners the AFC and NFC then compete in the Super Bowl to establish the league champion. Pro Bowl is the only postseason event hosted by the NFL which is the League’s all-star game. Pro Bowls are not considered as a competitive game as the squad is all out to prevent injuries.

Team trophies

To honor its champions, the league uses three different cups. Brunswick-Balke Collender whose appearance is a “silver loving cup”, that was meant to be a traveling cup and would only become permanent unless a squad won at least three titles. It has been awarded to the Akron Pros after which it was discontinued. Later on, in 1934, the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy was launched after the death of Ed Thorp, a referee and close friends to the owners. Its location is currently not known. Presently, the league uses the Vince Lombardi Trophy named after the Green Bay Packers head coach.

So there you go the world’s most famous sporting event. To most, it is a business venture which not only offers world-class entertainment but has also been a source of making some money. Please make a point of watching a live game anytime soon; you will not be disappointed.