Houston Texans Football: Where To Watch Texans Football Game Live Online

houston texans football

The Houston Texans are a professional team that plays American national football league. This team is part of the American Football Conference, South division. They play their home games at the NRG Stadium which is near downtown Houston, Texas.

The Texans are the youngest team in the NFL. They entered the football league as an expansion team. They replaced the Houston Oilers which moved from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee. The team is now called the Tennessee Titians.

The Texans struggled with their record in the early 2000s. The team was young and has some young players. They are struggled to build a fan base. By 2011 the Texas did must better and made their first playoff games. They ended up being the division champions which was an achievement for the young team. They would go on to win the division title in the years 2012, 2015, and most recently 2016.

You need to know more about Houston Texans football team, here’s are some below;

Houston Texans football team Established in October 6, 1999; 18 years ago.
Texans First season: 2002
Texans home ground and headquartered at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
Team colors: Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, Liberty White
Texans Fight song: “Football Time in Houston”
Mascot: Toro
Owner(s): Bob McNair
Chairman: Bob McNair
CEO: Bob McNair
President: Jamey Rootes
General manager: Brian Gaine
Texans football Head coach: Bill O’Brien

The Texans won their first NFL game by beating the Dallas Cowboys. They were the first expansion team to win their opening game since 1961. The team went on to struggle in the beginning of the season but they slowly improved. It took a couple of year but by 2011 the team was doing much better. They made it to the playoff that season and were able to build up a fan base. They also showed the other teams in the NFL that they were going to be tough challenger and would not give up easily.

The Texans beat out five other choices for the name of the team before joining the NFL. The fans voted on this name and it got 65,000 votes within one week. The team was said to embody pride and strength for the people of Houston and surrounding areas. They are determined to keep up their win and want to be one of the youngest teams to win the Super Bowl.

The Houston Texans wouldn’t be in the NFL playoffs 2019 without the last year’s brilliant performance of their backup quarterback Deshaun Watson as I think so. Because when Deshaun Watson went down with a torn ACL injury the team lost the opportunity to competing for a playoff berth. However, this year may be the Houston’s year. Watson, Tom Savage, T.J. Yates, Taylor Heinicke are back to the football. Defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel trying hard for the team as well. But in 2015 Brandon Weeden had 3 touchdowns, 61.9% completion rate, and a 107.7 quarterback rating.

“Look, it’s football, but we definitely try to – we tried to really look at that in the offseason, as to how we approach practice, head coach Bill O’Brien said. We’re getting work in, the guys are buying into it and so far it’s worked pretty well.”

“I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see. We’ll see how it goes. We’re going to talk about it today, kind of see where we’re at, look at the reps, do a lot of studying today – today’s a long day for the coaching staff – kind of see where everything’s at, and then we’ll make a decision prior to the game.”

If you want to watch Houston Texans football games live stream via online you can visit gamepass.nfl.com. Here Houston Texans Football: The latest Texans news, videos, photos, scores, schedule, stats, and where to watch Texans Football game live stream free online.

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