Patriots vs Dolphins: Preview, Start Time, Date, Live Stream, TV Channel

The Miami Dolphins is going to visit the New England Patriots with 3-0 lead at Gillette Stadium while Patriots are off to their worst offensive start in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era. The Miami Dolphins are look like a one of the balanced teams in the league through the first few weeks. Patriots vs Dolphins football game start on 1 p.m. ET

In a case study of the different methodologies of two of America’s favorite football teams, you’ll find how playing to your team’s strengths can mean the difference between victory, and defeat.

The New England Patriots are renown for their defensive plays, placing third across the country since 2010. Though not to go unnoticed, they placed 6.5 in their offensive plays. 2018, however, is showing very different capacities, and negative ones at that. For now, the New England Patriots rank 19th on offense with a starting point at the 27.2-yard line and just 26th on defense with the 31.0-yard line.

The Miami Dolphins, on the other hand, seem to be taking key advantage of this. This year, on offense, their average possession starts at the 35.4-yard line – best in the league. The Dolphin’s defense being at the 26.6-yard line is granting them 11th place after only three games. Speculation could, no doubt, go on forever as to why this is. However, a strong indication is their +4 turnover differential, which ranks the team second in the NFL.

Game: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins
Time and Date: Sunday, Sept. 30, 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET
Place: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA
TV Channel: KOIN-6, CBS
Watch online: You can watch Patriots vs Dolphins live stream of the football game on,, playstation vue, AppleTV, and SlingTV. or FuboTV (free trial).

So now the question is: is there a way for the New England Patriots to turn things around on Sunday? The answer, on paper, is reasonably likely. A substantial, first step, is making sure the Patriots don’t get beaten for the first time in a decade by the Dolphins on their own, home turf. If the Patriots go back to the familiar formula that is complementary football – and the favorable field position it tends to create, the Patriots could very well be on their way to their post-2010 numbers.

There are challenges to this approach, however. New England’s passing offense has not been in sync so far this year. With their wide receivers unable to consistently gain separation, and their over-reliance on Rob Gronkowski. History will sort out whether this is a simple streak of bad luck, or an indicator of poor performance for the months that follow.

In the end, with both team’s self-awareness, and strong histories, Sunday could be anyone’s match.

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