How to Watch NFL Football Games Anywhere on Android Free

nfl football games

There are several options that an individual can consider to catch the NFL Football games Live on Android devices. The choices are limited in watching the NFL on mobile which is to be improved with time. Most of the options require individual to subscribe to enjoy the football games live on their phones or tablets. The increased options to watch NFL games is aimed at ensuring people catch up the action by making it available on Android devices.

Best Streaming Devices DirecTV Now to watch NFL Football games

You can watch NFL football games on NBC, Fox and ESPN live on DirecTV Now for $35. CBS TV is coming soon on DirecTV Now. The DirecTV assists in discovering the number of matches available and the charges. DirecTV has three packages which include $99 for college students and $249 annually. You are required to sign up, download the application and enjoy the NFL games available on DirecTV. The third package is Sunday Ticket Max which requires a DirecTV subscriber to use the NFL ticket to stream the game on Smartphone and tablet. Sunday Ticket package is convenient to fans as it has unlimited data plan where one can watch using the home TV and mobile phone.

NFL Mobile

It is the most used network by people to watch NFL games as one is charged a few dollars monthly. Thursday, Sunday and Monday games are available on NFL mobile where one can stream by clicking “NFL Game Pass” for the intended game. The fans alerts, team news, highlights, analysis and live video make NFL Mobile a fantastic option for many fans. However, one is supposed to be a Verizon customer to get live game streaming on the app.

You need to know only Verizon customers can watch the NFL live games on their Mobile phones. It’s free for anyone to download the NFL Mobile from Verizon app for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and provides access to league and team news, in-game highlights, scores and analysis.

NBC Sports Live Extra

The Sunday games are available on NBC Sports app for Android and PC making it possible for one to catch the game. NBC Sports app streams all Sunday games which increase the number of people willing to use the service. You don’t have to use the Cox account as one can sign up using the cable of the provider account.

Watch NFL Live on Sling TV

Sling TV provides online TV streaming using a Dish Network with streaming services worth to use. The charges are $20monthly making it affordable to many people and offers an incredible quality of the streaming. You can ditch the TV channels that you don’t use to accommodate the Sling TV with a low monthly charge and no contract needed to start game streaming. Sling TV has “Sports Extra Pack” which offers more football games at $5 more monthly. Considering the charges of Fox and ESPN, it is clear that Sling TV is a suitable option for NFL streaming for under $30 monthly. It allows game streaming using multiple devices which make it possible for several football fans to enjoy the streaming service.

Sunday Games Live on Fox Sport Go

The streaming using Fox Sports Go requires an able subscription which is supported by most TV providers. You are required to sign in and verify your account to access the cable subscription. The Fox Go football streaming is not available for Smartphones but Android tablets, Kindle and Windows tablets showing most of the Sunday games. The NFL restriction on watching games on mobile phones has contributed to the inability of Fox Go offering the service to smartphones. The company is focused on increasing the devices that can access the live football streaming, especially for Cox cable consumers.

Is NFL Game Pass live games?

The NFL has discovered the increased demand for people willing to stream the game using the mobile phone. The big mobile streaming market has lead to NFL integrating more options for mobile phone users to view the game. In the past years Preseason Pass for tablets, regular Game Pass and Rewind are packages that have been used to satisfy the mobile streaming demand. The NFL Game Pass requires one to pay $99.99 to stream all games. The live streaming is not available for games in your local area. The Game pass will be used to stream the regular season, Playoff and Super Bowl games although it is not live. It is not possible for one to watch the game as it happens using the Game pass as it is available after the final whistle blows. The NFL Game Pass is used to watch the game that has happened at a short time without any commercials. You can watch the football games in 30 minutes without pauses which are aimed at increasing the experience of the individual. The Game Pass has Archives where one can get games which were played from 2010 where you can watch all 65 games.

Monday Night football live on WatchESPN

ESPN channel have TV rights for Monday Night football only. WatchESPN Android app is an excellent option for one to get football games as ESPN does not air the NFL games. The app shows games from other channels which are covering the football games making it possible to enjoy the action. One is required to check the program line up for the different channels in WatchESPN to catch the NFL game action. WatchESPN airs NCAA college football games which make one enjoy the different games shown by the app. You are required to subscribe to various cable providers that are accepted by WatchESPN to stream live games to your Smartphone and tablet. The application supports Google Chrome cast which is needed in streaming the game to a bigger screen or HDTV. You can catch the college football season live on WatchESPN which offers quality streaming to the subscribers.

How much does it cost to watch NFL on Slingbox?

It an option that one can use to catch football action as it connects to TV service at work home or anywhere. Slingbox and Slingplayer are used together to stream the game which is available as a mobile app at $15 when you have set up the service to your TV. The service makes it possible to stream all NFL games using a mobile device by tuning to the channel that is showing the game. Slingbox is not a cheap option, but it helps to catch the game using a variety of mobile devices.

How to watch NFL football games via Yahoo Sports.

Last year we have seen NFC and AFC Championship games have been streaming on the Yahoo Sports app. If you want to watch NFL playoffs via Yahoo Sports at first you need to download the Yahoo app (Android, iOS) and you’ll be able to watch NFL football games.

How to Watch NFL Football Games Live on FuboTV or NFL game pass

You can depend on FuboTV to watch NFL on CBS, NFLN, FOX or NBC and get 70+ channels will be able to see all NFL games airing. You can not watch NFL all games on your mobile devices due to NFL restrictions. You Can you watch all NFL games live on NFL Game Pass for all season costs $99 dollars for U.S. customers.

Cable Apps

There are applications which are offered by cable companies to assists in video streaming. Cox cable has Contour which allows subscribers to tune to over 100 channels using the tablet. Contour requires ones to use tether from the phone or use a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy the action from your tablet. The games are available on FOX, CBS, ESPN and more channels. Other apps from cable companies include Cablevision Optimum App, Comcast Xfinity App, Verizon FIOS App and DISH Anywhere App. The applications offer plenty of live TV streaming making them an option to enjoy NFL games on Android devices.

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